Did you know Georgians are world-renowned for their incredible hospitality and friendliness?

Be assured, you’ll be made to feel at home when visiting Georgia!

Georgians have a deep culture that spans millennia, which they are very proud of. They preserve and cherish their traditions and strive to make guests feel welcome, gladly sharing their hospitality with visitors.

Georgians also know how to celebrate! They love singing and dancing, and their traditional celebration – Supra – can last all day and well into the night! 

Here are a few of the amazing people we’ve met through our travels in Georgia:

Abraham and Irina

We met this lovely couple in a high mountain village, we bought spices from them, including the famous “Svaneti Salt”. They treated us to coffee and chacha, a Georgian spirit, and told us stories from their lives. They are local Svaneti “celebrities”, and befriend anyone who crosses their path!



Our Georgian driver, Gogita, had his trunk packed with homemade wine and chacha when we started our journey around Georgia, so all our lunch stops were accompanied with a delicious drink!

(Cheers in Georgian is “Gaumarjos!”)

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Nino is the owner of a cozy cafe in Mtskheta, where we stopped for coffee, and she hosted us as dear guests. She not only told us her story, but invited us into her house to see a centuries-old basement with an original clay oven and wine making “qvevris”.



At our farewell dinner in Tbilisi, we were lucky to be hosted by master performers of a Georgian vocal polyphony – the Didgori • დიდგორი men’s ensemble! With excellent wine, delicious traditional food and soulful toasts and of course incredible polyphony singing made it a night to remember for a lifetime!

Meet these hospitable locals, and explore this undiscovered gem of a country on our Treasures of Georgia Tour:

This country is an amazing cluster of cultures, religions and fascinating landscapes, from the snowy peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, to golden steppes and bright, colourful cities. Georgia is an incredible, undiscovered destination, decorated with many UNESCO sites that feature impressive rock-cut monasteries and cave towns, as well as millennia-old archaeological sites and dramatic scenery. Not just that, but the people are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Georgians are proud of their heritage, and embrace their rich culture wholeheartedly.

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