In 2011, after many years of cultural studies, teaching and international travel, Vincent Rees, our founder, created Cobblestone Freeway Tours. In the 2000’s when travelling to Ukraine became more common, because of Vince’s background in Ukrainian culture and having actually lived there in the 90’s, people turned to someone they knew had the experience. After the occasional summer tour for folk dance groups, Vince became known for doing tours to Ukraine, and his unique experiences and insights, as well as passion for Ukrainian culture, left travellers enriched and wanting more.

It quickly became apparent that Vince’s approach, style, and enthusiasm towards travel were enticing to people. In 2011, Cobblestone Freeway was officially born and has grown to become one of the most unique and interesting
travel companies around.

We choose locations that we feel our clients will make an amazing connection with and experience unique, historical, and traditional roots. Exploring places off the beaten path, villages and the countryside, unique restaurants and galleries, and giving people a non-typical experience, are things we strive to provide for our travellers.

We love what we do and from the moment you arrive in Ukraine, you will be taken care of by our friendly, helpful Cobblestone Staff! Travel has never been so exciting, easy and enjoyable as it will be on your tour.  If planning a trip is not your forte, we will gladly do it for you before you arrive or upon arrival.  Check out our ready-to-use pre-planned tour packages or contact us to have a custom tour designed just for you.

These are some words that we live by!

  • TASTE traditional cuisine, and flavors.
  • LISTEN to melodies that have been passed down for generations.
  • SEE the new and the old.
  • SMELL the flavors of a culture.
  • FEEL the magic of a people.
  • SPEAK with the local people.
  • LEARN the culture, language and traditions of communities.
  • DANCE the dances that have withstood the tests of time.
  • SING the enchanting melodies.

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