Our company’s distinctive approach to cultural tourism has earned us a glowing reputation for our unique Handcrafted Cultural Journeys, which are not only inspired by traditions and fascinating locations – they will inspire you as well!

Our story starts with the dream of our founder, Vincent Rees, a culture specialist, who wanted to share his passion for traditional living culture with travellers and other culture enthusiasts from all over the world.

We began by taking people to Ukraine and Eastern Europe, but today, we take people all around the world! With our new, unprecedented approach to cultural tourism, we combine small group sizes with excellent hotels, and fill our tours with interactive cultural experiences, and meetings with locals, to help you see into the heart of the counties and cultures we take you to, and experience true Living Traditions.

 “I wouldn’t send YOU on a tour that I wouldn’t go on!”


We choose destinations that we feel our travellers will make an amazing connection with, and experience unique, historical, and traditional roots.

We find the perfect balance between visiting the exciting cities, and villages and locations off the beaten path.

We want to offer a unique, handcrafted product and not your standard cookie-cutter tour. We want you to really see inside the countries you visit: explore their cultures, interact with local people, get a taste for age old traditions, learn about their day to day life, and make meaningful connections with the places we visit.


We have a network of experts in every city (and village), and have gathered the best-trained travel hosts to make sure you are surrounded with a supportive, passionate team of local specialists, every step of the way. Learn more about our Team Here.

We use local staff and guides as much as possible, in order to give back to the countries and cultures we visit, but also provide you with a unique perspective into the lives of the locals.


We are experts in handcrafted cultural experiences – we are happy to tailor an experience for you or your group.

The process is really quite simple:

Choose your destination – Agree on an itinerary – Lock it in.

Get in touch today and let us do the planning for you!