Cobblestone Freeway Tours has been featured in numerous media outlets. Founder & Owner and travel expert, Vincent Rees is a trusted media resource and contributor.

“Cobblestone Freeway Tours was more than just a tour. By the end of our journey we all felt like family and still do. Vincent and Danya went out of their ways to make the trip incredibly smooth, educational, and most importantly fun. I would go anywhere in the world if they would be there because I know it would be the best trip ever. Thank you to everyone at Cobblestone for a trip I’ll remember forever.”
Blakely Trettenero, New York Daily News and Hungry for Travels

“Cobblestone Freeway Tours are staffed with experts in the area who are also unfailingly helpful to their travelers, accommodating both cultural interests or special needs.”
Barry Bassis, Resident Magazine and Epoch Times

“Cobblestone Freeway Tours are expert planners and know how to create special travel moments which you’ll remember for a lifetime! Thanks to them, I got to experience the fascinating culture, learn about their past, and meet friendly locals.”
Carmen Edelson, Carmen’s Luxury Travel

“The tour brought us to places less seen by visitors and I found it to be a great way to experience authentic local culture.”
Arthur Wei, Matador Network


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