This fall marks 10 years of official Cobblestone operations and we would like to give thanks!

Thank you for 10 great years.
Thank you to everyone who has supported our journey.

Thank you to all our returning customers from around the world.
To all of our travellers, thank you for making our work enjoyable and meaningful every day.

Thank you to everyone who has worked with us over these sometimes tumultuous but amazingly satisfying years.
Thank you to our ancestors… who continue to be with us on our journey.

Thank you to all the folk groups who have performed for our travellers.
Thank you the artisans who tirelessly maintain their craft.

Thank you to all the chefs and cooks who have fed our travellers.
Thank you to our partners all over the world.

Not only are we grateful for helping people make meaningful connections to the places they visit, we are also grateful to contribute to sustainable tourism through our unique programming, hiring local artisans and contributing to local, rural economies.

To everyone… THANK YOU!

You can watch our Virtual Birthday Celebration here: