“Dreams are just ideas for adventures”

And Vince, the originator of our travel company, always dreams big!

Travelling with Vince is a unique experience, and his excitement for the places you will be visiting is intoxicating… When we’re travelling, we all want to learn a bit, see a bit, experience a bit but really, curiosity is the key ingredient that cannot be purchased! Let Vince peak your curiosity on one of our unique tours!

Vince’s idea was to create a basically all-inclusive cultural vacation, that excites and inspires, but at the same time allows you to totally relax, let go and allow the country and the culture wash over you, in a way that is nothing short of enchanting. And judging by the fact we have travellers come back to us again and again, we would like to say he has succeeded!

When you travel with Vince, you will of course see the regular ‘standard’ guide book places that many other tours would visit – but as he is so fond of saying, we guarantee to take you “off the beaten track”.


At Cobblestone, we make room in our itineraries for those special moments, “Vince moments”, that don’t necessarily cost millions, but end up being the priceless and most memorable parts of the trip!

  • In Ireland – You can pay big bucks for say, entry into the Guinness museum, but you could also head down a country road and have a pint with locals.
  • In Ukraine – You can eat at the fanciest restaurant, but you can also stop in a remote village and have a homemade lunch with the local people.
  • In Croatia – you can get on one of the tourist boats with hundreds of others to see the islands, or you can cruise on a private merchant pirate ship with a local guide, to view the walls of Dubrovnik.


Engage with the Locals – Get off the Beaten Track – Throw out your Bucket List… it’s time for some Vinspiration!

Vince doesn’t get a chance to guide very many tours anymore, but when he does, grab the chance, because Touring with Vince is a whole experience in itself! You won’t be disappointed!