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1. For YOUR best travel experience.

Enjoy in depth, culturally rich travel experiences that create meaningful connections with the places you visit!


2. So YOU can enjoy Small Group Travel

Our groups are 16 people maximum – sometimes fewer, but there’s never more. So you can travel easier, and safer, and allowing you to truly see into the heart of the countries you visit.
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3. YOU can try the best local food

Food is a central part of our journey, so we carefully choose each restaurant to ensure you get a variety of delicious local eats and great service.

4. Folk performances
YOU will enjoy

The best local folk performers playing for you. We ensure you have an intimate experience with local artists so you can live the culture.
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5. YOU can meet real people in village visits

Learn about a country from its people. We get away from tourist traps and into the places where authentic life takes place.

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6. YOU will stay in the heart of the city and not out by the airport

Not just a place to put your head down at night, our centrally-located hotels are always comfortable, unique and put you in the best place to experience a city. We also work with boutique hotels rather than big chains, to support the local economy!
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7. You won’t have to pull out your wallet for anything

Our tours are practically all-inclusive, so YOU can sit back and relax in the knowledge that all the small details are taken care of.

8. YOU can see the world at a comfortable pace

We give YOU time to breathe, digest and soak up the atmosphere. Our steady pacing gives you ample opportunity to experience a place before moving to our next adventure.
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9. YOU get to take part in artisan demonstrations

YOU can get stuck in, or just sit back and soak it up: learn traditions from the very people who keep them alive.

 And Finally….

10. You’re looked after by our Hosts with the most

Our tour leaders & hosts, local guides, expert translators, professional drivers and genius trip designers have a blend of natural talent and genuine care for our travellers.

 Choose Cobblestone Freeway today.

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