Storks, Sunflowers Flowers and the Carpathian Mountains

Ukraine’s spring and summer beauty is undeniable. The white storks have returned from their winter homes in Africa, fields of sunflowers are at their full splendor and the sun shines brightly on flower filled hillsides in the Carpathian Mountains.

Local Economy

Support the Local Economy

Bringing your dollars to Ukraine in 2015 will do wonders for the recovery of the country. Tourist dollars will play a huge part in keeping the effects of the conflict away from the untouched regions.

Your Dollar

Your Dollar Goes Further

Following the devaluation of Ukrainian currency, the hryvnia, never before has the trip to the homeland been more affordable. To give you an idea, a Coca-Cola at a restaurant would cost you about $0.80 CAD.

Welcome Bread

Your Ancestors are Waiting to Welcome You With Bread and Salt

Rich historical records and modern technology have made it very possible to connect with your relatives. Visiting your ancestor’s village where you will be welcomed with open arms by relatives with a traditional welcome of bread and salt. It is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget.

cultural festivals

Ukrainians Celebrate All Year Round

Great music, good food, welcoming company and cultural festivals are waiting for you in Ukraine. Come and experience zabavas, and party like a local, learn many traditions firsthand, sample local delicacies and specialties and MORE.