– Written by Kyrylo Kozachuk
The adornment and pride of Ukrainian art, the stars of Ukrainian choral world, the ambassadors of Ukrainian music – The National Honored Choir of Ukraine. Named after its founder – famous Ukrainian composer and choral conductor Hryhoriy Veryovka.

In September 1943, having brought together a group of young, enthusiastic and talented performers, Ukrainian composer and choral conductor Hryhoryi Veryovka created a company that aimed at the development, preservation and popularization of folk song traditions. Eventually the group evolved into something unique.


Today the Choir combines the unique styles and mannerisms of folk singing with a modern performance culture at a professional level.

In 1966, Anatoli Avdievsky took over from H.Veryovka and he soon proved himself not only as a worthy successor of the brilliant founder, but also as a talented and thoughtful artist and interpreter.

For over 64 years now the company has been winning over the hearts of folk culture fans around the world, thanks to their originality, artistry, mesmerizing performances, an amazing diversity of voices. They have a rich palette of emotions, spiritual openness and the wisdom of folk humor presented on stage.

The choir’s repertoire ranges from authentic folklore to classical acapella interpretations of folk pieces and works by contemporary composers. From vocal and choreographic productions, songs, folk scenes and folk-opera. Even today the ensemble doesn’t stop looking for ways to integrate folk and academic choral art.


In 2013, during the ‘Ukraine Legacy Tour’ operated by Cobblestone Freeway, members of the Lastiwka Ukrainian Orthodox Choir (Saskatoon, Canada) had the opportunity to meet and work with the Veryovka Choir and enjoy a performance by the Veryovka dancers.
This proved to be an unforgettable experience for the Lastiwka members.

View their experience with Veryovka:

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