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We created the Cobblestone Freeway Foundation, to support and inspire communities in Ukraine and around the world, that keep intangible cultural heritage alive.
Our aim is to improve the circumstances which allow traditional culture to flourish and thrive in our ever changing modern world.
The K-12 school in Bukovets, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Ukraine is in need of such support.
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After requests from several supporters, we organised a volunteer work trip, in order to give supporters the chance to come to Ukraine and actively participate in the aid of this school. 

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Volunteers came over to Ukraine and travelled up into the Carpathian Mountains to spend a week in the small village of Bukovets, restoring and renovating the school. They achieved so much in one week! 

  • Replaced several windows

Our volunteer, Kent, hard at work

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Before and after the polishing and re-varnishing of the gym floor.


With the funds raised, we also purchased:

  • A new school board
  • One laptop
  • Two new projectors
  • And two projector screens! 

Our volunteers, Kent & Cheryl also brought some stationary and school supplies which they handed out to the children of the school. 

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“As the director of the school, I am so thankful on behalf of myself, the teaching staff and all the children, to those who were involved in the process of improving the school and our educating abilities. I would especially like to thank Kent & Cheryl, our volunteers, as well as Dmytro, Taras, Mykola, Vitalk, Vasyl and Nazar for their work. 

 They did more in a week than we could hope to achieve in a month, but also brought so many wonderful gifts for our school children. Thank you for the provision of electronics and school supplies that will better the education of these children of Bukovets, and without a doubt lay the foundation for a better future for all those who pass through this school.”


Slavko Lesyuk, School Director 

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Thank you from all of us at Cobblestone Freeway Tours and The Cobblestone Freeway Foundation, for all the people who supported our cause, and those who have visited the school. To those made donations – the money we raised meant we were able to carry out renovations and buy essential items for the school. And a special thanks to our volunteers – you gave your own time to help this cause, and you have made a huge impact on a very special community in Ukraine.

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If you’d like to support the foundation, you can:

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Cobblestone Freeway Foundation sends all money raised directly to where it’s needed. CFF does not use any donations to cover administrative costs, which means every dollar donated goes directly to where it’s intended.

 Watch our incredible documentary on the
Bukovets School:

Throughout our ongoing support for this project, we will receive regular updates from the principal at the school, and post reports to our foundation website: 

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