Cobblestone Freeway is a combination of the modern with the ancient.  And so is our catch phrase – “Travel Local – Far Away”!

Everywhere we go, we dig below the surface to access the local atmosphere, and gain a deeper understanding of local culture, rather than just simply seeing a few statues and zipping off to dinner.


We like to combine city life with some rural experiences.  It is in these authentic locations, where we can still catch a glimpse of a disappearing world.  The old world that our ancestors left behind – where traditions and folk hospitality still reign supreme!

Whether is be a village wedding, an old world winery, a rural village or a mediaeval castle – we will experience something unique!

It is in these moments, that our travellers create memories of world they have never experienced.  Our modern world is so busy, when on a Cobblestone tour – people slow down to smell the flowers, take a breath of the fresh air and truly relax. Their humanity is restored!

Quite honestly, travel always makes people recall the important things in life and refocus.  We hope this happens again and again on your next Cobblestone Freeway Tour!


– Vincent Rees