The Village of TULOVA is situated on the banks of the river Prut that runs down from the Carpathian Mountains and empties into the Dnister river and eventually into the Black Sea. It sits immediately on the border between Halychyna (Galicia) and Bukovyna, the ancestral homeland of many waves of Ukrainian immigrants to Canada. Tulova is also know as a quaint village in the Sniatyn district that has maintained many of its cultural traditions including wedding ceremoies, Easter celebrations and of course Christmas festivities.

Tulova was made famous by the well-known Ukrainian Canadian pioneer Peter Zvarych who had a significant contribution to life in Canada. In his memoirs he writes passionately about his youth in the village of Tulova. His house is not only still standing, it is still lived in!

Ukrainian-Canadian writer Myrna Kostash recognized Tulova as her family’s village in the opening to her ground-breaking book All of Baba’s Children. Cobblestone Freeway owner, Vincent Rees, also traces his roots this very same village and has been returning regularly.

In 2008, Tulova and other villages in the surrounding area were devastated by a flood that destroyed homes and crops and had a tremendous effect on families. All this only added to an already poor and economically underdeveloped area of Ukraine.

In 2013, the Cobblestone Freeway launched the TULOVA PROJECT as a way of supporting a developing eco-tourism industry in the region, and promoting the pride that people should feel for their local culture. This also provides an opportunity for people around the world of Ukrainian heritage to connect with local culture and experience the customs that their ancestors experienced (or that haven’t changed much) for hundreds of years.

Visit Tulova and “get your village on”! Many of our travellers comment that this adventure is the highlight of their tour to Ukraine. Experience the TULOVA PROJECT for yourself on many of our tours: Fall Fantasy, Photography Journey, Christmas in the Carpathians and many more in 2014!!