Celebrate Ukrainian culture with Ukrainians from around the world.

The International Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival (IUDCF) is an epic 4 day experience, in the beautiful city of Lviv, Ukraine.


Performers – our slots are almost filled for 2022 & 2023!
If you would like to perform at our festival, get in touch now. 

 Performances • Workshops • Cultural Experiences • Zabavas

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About the FESTIVAL

Millions of Ukrainians live throughout the world and maintain their connection with their roots through the performing arts.

The International Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival (IUDCF) is an opportunity for Ukrainian dancers & performers from around the world to share their passion for Ukrainian dance with each other and others from all corners of the Earth.

This festival will be a platform that presents a kaleidoscope of the best of folk and professional art that exists in the Ukrainian diaspora.

Join us August 13-16, 2021 to perform, see other performances, take workshops and celebrate one of the most exciting moments in modern Ukrainian cultural history!

Please note: This is not an annual festival!  Make sure you take this once in a lifetime opportunity while you can!


 Festival Program

Day 1: Friday
  • Official  Festival Opening Ceremonies
  • Performance by the Host Ensemble
  • Meet and Greet Ceremony

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Day 2: Saturday
  • Ballet Class
  • Workshops at the Yunist Ensemble Studio
  • Performances on Main Stage in Market Square, Lviv city centre
  • Festival ZABAVA with live music performances

Day 3:  Sunday
  • Festival Parade in Lviv City Centre, honoring Ukrainians around the world
  • Afternoon at Shevchenkivskyi Hai – Open Air Museum
  • Performances from all participating dance groups
  • Option to participate in arts and crafts workshops with from local artists
  • Kozak style BBQ

Day 4:  Monday
  • Free time to explore Lviv
  • Rehearsals for all performing groups
  • Gala Concert and Festival Closing Ceremonies

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*Technical Changes Possible.

All participants will have 3 chances to perform at the Festival.

Apply to participate in our festival, or attend as a spectator!
Email info@cobblestonefreeway.ca to begin your adventure!

Or to find out more visit the IUDCF website.

Consider joining our Dance Festival Tour to enjoy the festival, then continue on to visit some of Ukraine’s best sights! Find out more here.