Where do the tours start off?

Our tours start off in Lviv, Ukraine.
Svobody Ave. 1/3, office 54
unless stated otherwise.

Why are your prices in US dollars?

All of our partners in all of our destinations use USD. With the fluctuating Canadian dollar, this helps us to keep our posted prices from changing constantly. As clients, you have the option of paying us in USD directly or paying in CAD at the exchange rate on that day.

Do I need a travel visa for the countries I'm visiting?

A few of the countries that we travel to (e.g. Brazil) do require a visa to visit. If you are going on a tour where a visa is needed we will let you know and also help you get started on your application process!

What will the food be like?

On our tours we like to provide an authentic, cultural experience. Therefore, we will be sampling local cuisine whenever possible! However, we also take dietary restrictions into consideration and will give you plenty of opportunity to...