Our tours are almost completely all inclusive – No one wants to be pulling their wallet out every five minutes. We take care of at least two meals per day, accommodations, land transportation, as well as all of the tours and events included in the itinerary.


All of our tours have a Cobblestone Freeway host with you to ensure your experience is enjoyable the entire time. As well, you will have local English-speaking guides in each city that we visit to make sure you get a local perspective.


Whatever happens during the day, you want to return to a nice, clean and safe hotel for a hot shower, a cold beer and a good night’s sleep!

Depending on the type of tour you have booked (Standard or Prestige), we use a combination of 3 and 4 star hotels and character rich accommodations. They are centrally located and uniquely chosen to give you the cultural vibe of the city you visit.


In many cases, the meals will be served buffet style or family style with a large variety of tasty treats to choose from and more than enough to go around. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to try to the local cuisine on numerous occasions.

Vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions will not have to worry. There will be a wide assortment of options available to you so that you will never go hungry. We have had people with all types of conditions and allergies travel with us and it’s rare that there are any issues. If you have any specific questions or concerns, feel free to ask us!


Depending on the size of your tour group, we will either have a mini-bus or a mid-sized coach provided for you along with a private driver and guide. Not all of our busses have bathrooms included, however, we will be sure to stop often for you to stretch your legs and relax.

And of course, there will always be special events and adventures exclusively for Cobblestone Freeway travellers.