One-day trip to Chernobyl!

A notorious place whose history is covered with a mix of fiction and true facts. This place will give you mixed feelings, from awe to unease, but you won't fail to be fascinated. Visit Chernobyl and learn the truth of the story, which forever changed the destiny of all mankind.

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1 day | Kyiv to Kyiv

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Visit Chernobyl on this super safe tour and learn about the nuclear disaster in 1986 that forever changed the world. Step inside one of the most restricted places on the planet as you wear a Geiger counter (radiation meter) and explore a ghost town, nuclear reactor and much more.

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map - One-day trip to Chernobyl!


- Crossing the military checkpoint that restricts civilians from exclusion zone
- Zalissya, an abandoned town that has been taken over by nature
- The so-called Red Forest that was once contaminated by radiation
- Prypiat, a city of 50,000 people that is completely abandoned
- Ferris wheel and abandoned amusement park
- Hotel, stadium, city hall and cafe
- Sarcophagus and the new “Arch” from a safe viewing distance
- Fire station where the first crew left to put out the fire
- Catfish feeding in a giant ‘cooling pond’
- Dinner at Chernobyl state canteen (all food trucked in from beyond exclusion zone)
- Memorial to all those who lost their lives

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