On the night o’ darkness, when Man awaken from slumber

The Cobblestone’s call ye name

To join on a tour

Of Irelands’ hallowed stories of fame

Did you know that Halloween originated from an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain or the Feast of the Dead? And, that the Hallowed eve marks the end of the year?

I didn’t either, until I researched these ancient traditions and found lots of interesting stories and facts!

During Celtic times – Halloween began with a fire that had to be extinguished to say goodbye to the old year. Then, had to be relit by druids to welcome the New Year. Likely, the departed would come back to their homes and bad spirits from the underworld would roam the streets.


It is a Halloween tradition to carve pumpkins to decorate our homes. The story behind the jack-o-lantern is from the 18th century, when a blacksmith Jack colluded with the devil and was not able to enter heaven. This damn soul had to walk the earth forever carrying a burning coal in a gouged turnip. The people of Ireland began carving pumpkins with candles inside, to scare off the wanderer by placing them in front of their homes.

Here’s an interesting fact; trick or treat originated from poor Irish people waking door to door to collect money or food – whatever they collected, they would use it to celebrate Halloween.


This is just a single seed in a pumpkin of legends, myths and stories of Ireland. On our Haunted Ireland Tour in 2018, visit the scariest places of Ireland that hold centuries of stories within the walls.

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