Why travel with us

Here at Cobblestone Freeway, we aim to make the planning and experience of your tour as stress-free and easy as possible – simply put!


Every tour is uniquely handcrafted and designed to coincide with a festival or event related to the local culture of the place we are visiting. It is our desire to connect with traditional culture and old ways of living!


Traditional cultures around the world are disappearing. We love to explore folklore and authentic culture – festivals, ritual occasions, legends, and superstitions. Whether it be the food, the clothing or the music – it is all super interesting!


We create experiences for you, not just a series of visiting buildings and statues. Whether it be a wedding in a village in the Carpathian mountains, strudel making in Vienna, a master class in Ukrainian Easter eggs or a local group of villagers singing for you – we know your experience will be engaging and enriching!


We are a Canadian-owned company with an office in Edmonton as well as in Lviv, Ukraine. We also have partner offices in Zagreb (Croatia), San Jose (Costa Rica), and Curitiba (Brazil). We use local staff and guides as much as possible in order to give back to the countries and cultures we visit, which also provides our travellers with a unique perspective.


Wherever we go, we want our travellers to feel at home in the places and countries they visit. We will get you up close and personal with both the people and culture in a variety of ways. Have a chance to engage with the locals and walk away with life-long connections.

VILLAGES – We go there!

On our tours, you will get to see famous and iconic sites, but we also want you to have a local experience that most tours won’t offer you. We include heritage-rich villages where people are still living a traditional way of life.


Eco travel and ethnic travel are interrelated. “Eco” often refers to rural, green, or local tourism using local products focusing on healthy and sustainable living. “Ethnic” refers to the different ethnic groups (traditionally rural, but not always) that have a rich history of food, costumes, drinks, music, and dance that we incorporate into our tours.


If traditional folk weddings or private cultural performances are something you would be interested in having as part of your tour, you’ve come to the right place. We want to give you unique experiences!


We take our time at the destinations we visit and won’t rush you from city to city and from selfie to selfie. We spend at least 2-3 days in each location so you can really get a feel for the place. We would rather see fewer locations and experience them more richly.

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