We are Inspired by Traditions

Our passion is exploring the folklore and authentic culture of the places we take you to – the traditions, festivals, holidays, legends, and even superstitions. Taste local food, try on traditional clothing, and dance to folk music – we aspire to take you into the very beating heart of the countries and cultures we visit.


More than just the cities

Cities are great, but to really see into the soul of a country, you need to venture a little bit further… On our tours, not only will you get to see famous and iconic cities, but local, heritage-rich villages, where people still live a traditional way of life.

Meet the Locals

What is a country without its people? Our tours allow you to get up close and personal with the local people – see into their homes and lives, try local home-made food and get acquainted with the people that make the culture what it is today.

Folk performances and experiences

We at Cobblestone Freeway have sought out the most talented, passionate local specialists to bring you vibrant folk performances and cultural experiences, exclusive to our tours and travellers. Get up close and personal with these cultural experts, and get involved!

Workshops and masterclasses

We work with local artists to enable them to share their craft and talents with you, but also share a piece of their local culture and heritage. These age old crafts and art forms have been passed down through generations – and we want to pass them onto you!

Our Expertise

For years we have been improving our knowledge of our destinations, to provide the very best accommodation, customer service, food, sightseeing and unique folklore experiences. We make it our mission to know our destinations inside-out, so you can feel completely at ease with the knowledge that we have your back, every step of the way.

Small group sizes

We keep our group tours small, so you can get intimate with the places you visit, and really get stuck into the local experience. You can have an easy, laid-back trip without worrying about crowding!

Comfortable Pace

Not too fast, not too slow – just right! We keep the pace of our tours comfortable and relaxed, so you can sit back and enjoy the journey – soak up the culture and atmosphere of a pace rather than rushing to tick things off your list…. We’re not rushing anywhere!

Want to speed it up or slow it down? We can tailor a tour to your needs!


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