Experience the best of Ukraine and Georgia in one amazing trip

Perfect combination to discover incredible cluster of cultures, religions and fascinating landscapes from romantic Lviv and Golden-domed Kyiv to impressive rock-cut monasteries and cave towns as well as millennia old archaeological sites and remote areas make both counties an attractive destinations. Countries where myth and history, culture and traditions, diverse nature and hospitable people all intermingle with one another, inspired poetry, polyphonic songs and elegant dancing. A blend of cultures, a smell of spices, different nations meeting on street corners, different faiths sharing the same courtyards.
This tour is for those with spirit of adventures and a thirst for discovery! This will be an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for a lifetime!

Trip Details

14 days/13 nights | Lviv to Batumi

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Our Signature tours offer everything you would expect from Cobblestone Freeway.

  • A combination of 3 and 4 star hotels and character-rich accommodations
  • 2 meals provided per day plus snacks
  • All land transportation
  • High quality bus with air conditioning
  • Cobblestone host and fully translated local guides
  • Entrance fees & admissions for included sightseeing & cultural events
  • Special events exclusively for Cobblestone Freeway Travellers


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Start your journey arriving into the Paris of Ukraine - beautiful Lviv! Explore the ancient, historic city of Lviv with its quaint charm, cobblestoned streets and classical architecture, you won’t fail to be charmed by this city of love. Walk around old cobblestone streets, taste the best coffee and beer Ukraine has to offer, hide in small authentic cafes and visit the World’s Only Coffee Mine. Lviv truly is a city of a laid-back, café culture where you can pick a spot, relax, and watch the world go by...
Explore Kyiv - one of the most ancient cities in Eastern Europe. The capital of Ukraine, and the former capital of the Kyivan Rus, this beautiful and historic city has played a key part in the past, present and future of this country... Explore its Golden Domed streets, visit open air museums, talk with the locals, and get a feel for this unique, cosmopolitan city at the heart of Ukraine.
Travel to Georgia! First we will introduce you to Tbilisi, the city that has been dominated by traders, warriors, tyrants and dictators in turn. Take a walk around the old town and breathe in the living past. City with well-known museums and theatres, art galleries, churches and archaeological excavations, Sulphur bathhouses, narrow streets with inner courts, surrounded with balconies decorated with laces, which overhang over abysses. Discover Kakheti – region that is famous for its wine producing and wine drinking culture. Enjoy breathtaking views of Kizikhi area and unusual Charm of Sighnaghi Royal Town. Wine-tasting at local winery is not to be missed!
Travel to the ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta, where we will visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Jvari, the 6th century cross-shaped monastery built on the top of a cliff, overlooking the confluence of the Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers. Visit rock-hewn town of 2nd Millennium BC - Uplistsikhe is notable for unique combination of various styles of rock-cut cultures and the co-existence of pagan and Christian architecture. Here you can see ancient wine presses carved in stone. Explore Kutaisi – the ancient Kingdom of Colchis and the second largest city of modern Georgia, with it`s cathedrals and monasteries of 10-11 centuries, remained for a long time one of the main cultural and enlightening centers in Georgia.
Batumi, one of the oldest cities in Georgia and inhabited from the third century BC. Batumi is mentioned by Greek and Roman sources as one of the Black Sea’s principal ports. Visit seaside park and old-city district with lots of cafes, shops and churches, streets of Old Batumi, decorated with ornaments of nameless mythical creatures, Batumi Sea Port, Piazza Square, statue of Medea and Governmental buildings. Walk down the Batumi Botanical Gardens to see beauty of flora from all over the world and enjoy an amazing view of the Black Sea. And to wrap up this awesome journey - feel the atmosphere of Georgian dinner party, with traditional songs and the speeches of “Tamada” – toast master!
map - Experience the best of Ukraine and Georgia in one amazing trip


 Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites throughout Lviv, Kyiv, Tbilisi and Mtskheta
 Step inside the ornate and world-renowned Lviv Opera House
 Discover iconic golden-domed Kyiv churches
 Enjoy traditional Georgian Polyphony singing
 Enjoy a tour and wine tasting at Georgia’s best Wineries in Kakheti Visit famous Batumi Botanical Garden
 Attend private concerts and cultural events exclusively for Cobblestone Freeway travelers!

tour itinerary - Experience the best of Ukraine and Georgia in one amazing trip

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  • Full time Cobblestone tour host & translator
  • Experienced city tour guides
  • 2 meals a day, plus snacks
  • 3 or 4 star hotels & character rich accommodations
  • All land transportation
  • Interaction with local artists, craftsmen & performers
  • Entrance fees & admissions for included sightseeing and cultural events
  • Special events exclusively for Cobblestone Freeway travellers
  • Optional Add-On: Extend you trip
  • Optional Add-On: Do a side-trip - visit your family, have your family history researched
  • Optional Add-On: Attend a show or performance

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$3,450 usd

Flight escorted (from Edmonton, Canada)

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Single Supplement - $500 USD

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