Battle of Poltava – Changing European History Forever

The landscape of power in Europe was defined on Ukrainian territory in the early 1700s and it was a special group of men that lead the charge.

Kozaks, or Cossacks, were natural fighters and revered across Europe for their bravery and swordsmanship. The Battle of Poltava was an all out bloody battle that marked the decline of Sweden as a major power in Europe.

Some of the most remarkable things today about the battle that took place in June of 1709 is that so many artifacts and history is known about the battle. The Kozak museum that is dedicated to the memory and legacy of the Kozaks is packed with costumes, weapons, and tools that the Kozaks used over 300 years ago.

Some 15,000 people lost their lives over the course of just a few days and the battlefield where this all took place has been preserved and visitors can walk the field and imagine what it would have been like to stand on the very ground that changed the course of history forever