European history has been interconnected before the dawn of civilization. Each region has it’s own special and unique mixing of cultural traditions, stunning architecture, and breathtaking landscapes. This travel experience is the perfect example of what Cobblestone Freeway aims to deliver to you through cultural tourism. From Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher to the Greek island of Santorini you will find the most diverse regions and cultures in the world. I want you to eat, drink, and discover in the historic cities of Rome, Prague, and Zagreb, and I want you to experience the many cultures that Europe so generously offers.

Destination Europe is all about experiencing regions whose rich culture and history are as amazing and diverse as the non-stop, unforgettable scenery. Join me as I immerse you in a cultural experience you will never forget.

Hungary – Poland – Croatia – Serbia – Romania – Italy – Austria – Ireland and more….

Our most popular destination in Europe include: Balkan Journeys  Begin your experience today.

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